Funny interviews: animals alone at home

Is your pet often alone at home? Then ask it what is going on in time. This is exactly what the people responsible for a pet campaign did. The result was hilarious interviews with dog, cat and bird and the realization: The three are bored at home and need a conversation partner.

A bird that does not want to answer the interviewer any reasonable question. A dog that does nothing else at home but submissively lies on the floor. And a cat who thinks his scratching board is his wife. All three have something in common: they are not quite right in the head. At the end of the interview it becomes clear why: You lack an animal friend - a conversation partner. Fortunately, the lonely pets were only given their funny, but somehow sad, answers.

I catch you 'cause I can

Funny animal interviews with serious backgrounds

The non-profit organization "pal." Is responsible for the fun. (Pets Add Life) from the USA. She wants to draw attention to the fact that many pets are quite bored without an animal partner - not least when their mistress or owner is at work all day. In principle, the organization is committed to ensuring that more people adopt pets and take care of them responsibly. The positive impact of pets on human health and psyche is emphasized.