Animal cute or animal funny? People try pets

Pets are so cute - even if dogs, cats and the like have some characteristics that animal owners would sometimes prefer to do without. It is the overall package that makes Bello and Tinka so endearing. Would we find our human friends just as cute if they suddenly took up animal habits?

You can almost take it off the boys in this video that they are the dog or cat of the main character. Without any fluffy fur and in an upright gait, the human dog is delightedly exuberant when his master comes home and imitates the typical affection of the loyal four-legged friends. Just as credible: that he always wants to be close to his master and is ashamed when he does something. One almost wants to stroke the adult man blissfully over the head and throw a treat at his feet.

But the resulting "pet" must prevail against the cat in human form, which also shows the characteristic features of the velvet paws: the stubbornness, the elegant distance from the owner and stranger, the boldness and last but not least the assertion of one's own will. Who moved the milk? Well, who the dog was! A cat highlight in the video: the nightly gymnastics on Herrchens bed to let him know that you are hungry.

The inclined viewer does not have to wait until the end of the video to determine one thing: animals are better pets. The visitor in the film says it: "Your friends are kind of strange". And that's exactly how people work when they take on the typical characteristics of dogs and cats: somehow strange. Only real animals are cute.

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