Training Chihuahua: Which dog sport is suitable?

As small and cute as a Chihuahua is - he has it fist-thick behind his ears. The clever little dogs need enough activity so that they don't get bored and mischief. Dog sport is just the right thing to train with chihuahuas. But what do you have to pay attention to? Even small Chihuahua puppies have a lot of fun with dog sports like agility - Shutterstock / cynoclub

It is important that dog sport is always adapted to the physical abilities of the chihuahua. Then you can train with your Chihuahua almost anything that both of you enjoy. The mini dogs are very clever and intelligent, so they like to learn something new.

Can a Chihuahua do agility training?

Sports where mobility and dexterity are important are particularly suitable for the petite dog breed. A chihuahua may not have as much stamina and, of course, cannot jump as high as a larger dog, but it is still very agile and keen to move. Agility training, which is specially designed for small dog breeds, is therefore optimal for chihuahuas. "Agility" means "agility" or "agility" in English.

The hurdles must not be too high and your chihuahua may need a little breather in between - otherwise there is nothing to prevent you from training agility with him. You can also supplement the training with intelligence games and tricks. The smart guys in the video show what chihuahuas can learn, for example:

Exercise obedience with chihuahuas

A chihuahua tends to be a little stubborn and make up nonsense if it is not raised consistently. Obedience training can help here, because your dog learns to listen to you in a playful way. The brains of your chihuahua are trained so that this dog sport does not require any special physical prerequisites. Obedience can be trained anywhere, as this video shows:

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Which dog sport is Chihuahuas still fun?

In addition to agility and obedience, you can use your Chihuahua to train any dog ​​sport that focuses on agility and intelligence instead of endurance and strength. Canicross, dog trekking or cycling with the dog is usually not possible with a Chihuahua. However, you can do nose work and track work with him, teach him tricks like tidying up or retrieving and try dog ​​dancing with him. How much fun dancing with a Chihuahua can be shown in this video: