Cute Chihuahua Lola plays hide and seek with kittens

The little Chihuahua lady Lola in the video lives on a farm with many other animals. In the movie she befriends the two kittens Virginia and Evelyn and plays hide and seek with the velvet paws.

The two kittens apparently decided that it was the mini-dog's turn to search. They slip under the open barn door and Lola has to find them. The Chihuahua lady discovers the kittens quite quickly, but the cheeky Schnufelschnuten play not quite fair. They come out of their hiding place briefly, button Lola with their paws on the nose, and slip back. In the end, the three friends decide that they would rather play something different. Luckily, Lola doesn't seem to be resentful because Virginia and Evelyn cheated.

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