Didga and Boomer are racing

"On your marks, get set, go!" Australian animal trainer Robert once again came up with a very special challenge for his two animal favorites for this video: Didga and Boomer compete in a difficult obstacle course. This fast-paced video reveals who has the fur nose at the end.

It is the day of the big race and the participants are already pawing with their… paws? Right, this clip is not a broadcast from the racecourse, but another funny video by Robert Dollwet. In the middle of his house, the animal trainer has set up a parkour for his two cats Didga and Boomer. The two opponents have to dash through several rooms and overcome three hurdles. The goal is the head of the bed.

Anyone who thinks that the two velvet paws will let their owner flash off and lie on their lazy skin has obviously not counted on the sporting ambition of the room tigers and the sophisticated training by Robert. With positive reinforcement, he has already taught the furry duo a trick or two.

And so Didga and Boomer are again waiting for the command of their owner at the start before they dash across the track like two real racing cats. In the end, the two-year-old boomer narrowly loses out - this time because the playful Bengal cat is already dreaming of a revenge.

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