Which minerals are important for the cat?

A healthy cat diet is made up of a wide variety of ingredients - a variety of minerals also play a role. But which are they actually and what function do they have in the cat's metabolism? A good cat food is enriched with all important nutrients - Image: Shutterstock / GVictoria

Many minerals are vital for the cat. While some are required in larger quantities, others are only ingested and used in minimal doses via the feed every day. These minerals are divided into quantitative and trace elements.

Magnesium for healthy muscles and energy metabolism

Magnesium and calcium are among the minerals, of which the house tiger needs a relatively large amount. Magnesium is essential to keep the muscles functioning properly and to support energy metabolism. For example, it is contained in meat, fish meal and bones and is therefore a component of normal cat food. A lack of magnesium can cause muscle cramps and weakness, too much of it can promote urinary stone formation in the cat.

Calcium: mineral for healthy bones and teeth

Calcium also has an incredibly important role for the cat. Good defenses, strong nerves, strong muscles, good blood clotting and naturally healthy teeth and bones are among the functions that this mineral supports. Low-fat curd cheese, cottage cheese and raw bones are among the foods that can be used to provide cats with calcium. Too little calcium can have serious consequences, especially for young cats that are still growing: They need it to develop a healthy, stable bone structure. Stunted growth, but also susceptibility to stress can be the consequences of a calcium deficiency, while too much calcium can also lead to urinary stones.

Other important minerals in cat nutrition

In addition, the cat needs small amounts of sodium and potassium to regulate the water balance and support the nerves. For example, sodium is found in bones and kidneys, potassium in meat. Zinc supports the immune system and is contained in meat, offal or oatmeal.

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Iron is important so that the oxygen is well transported through the cat's blood. It also gives it its red color. Phosphorus and chloride are also among the minerals that the cat eats through its diet and needs for a healthy metabolism.