Bichon Frisé - lovable and easy to train

A small dog like the Bichon Frisé must of course be educated and socialized as well as a large four-legged friend - how nice that it should be easy with this loving family dog ​​with a little bit of understanding and sensitivity!

When a Bichon Frisé moves in with you and it is up to you to bring up, your open-minded little pet brings a lot of features that make training easy. Most representatives of this dog breed have no hunting instinct, are vigilant but not barking, tolerable, social and friendly.

The Bichon Frisé and his upbringing

To be praised by its owner is a matter close to the heart of the loving Bichon. With friendly words, fondling, or the clicker, you can achieve a lot with the white delight.

His high level of intelligence also favors that a woolly representative of this breed quickly understands what his owners want from him, regardless of whether it is the basics of dog training or tricks for advanced users. The Bichon Frisé is not only a clever dog, but also a very eager to learn, which you do not have to convince yourself to be involved in your training sessions with concentration and enthusiasm.

Possible mistakes in dog training

A common mistake with a small, cute dog like this is letting socialization and upbringing drag. However, it is important to work with the puppy just as consistently as with other dogs. With poor socialization, a friendly dog ​​like this can develop abnormal behavior and disobedience. As capable of learning as the tiny dog ​​is as a puppy, it would also be a shame if you didn't take this opportunity.

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With this dog, it is also important to find the right level of things. You shouldn't be too careless with him, because the stormy little curly head is sometimes a bit cocky and shouldn't be constantly overwhelmed when romping around, nor should it be too pushy to demand cuddling units. You should be careful when setting your limits, because it is so important to the popular family dog ​​that his people love him and that he feels offended by hardness.

Tip: The ideal addition to the upbringing of the small dog is something that is fun and requires intelligence, for example mini-agility or dog dancing.