Adorable pictures: Maine Coon kitten is growing up

Everyone starts small - this also applies to a big, proud animal like the Maine Coon hangover in this great video. His owners diligently cut together pictures that show him growing up: Fascinating!

Barney is the name of the beautiful, long-haired Maine Coon hangover that can be seen growing up in this little film, and as you can see, he is getting prettier day by day and week by week. With just a few weeks you can see what a giant he will become when he grows up.

In his first weeks of life, Barney, as it should be, still had very important things on the program, such as cuddling with his equally beautiful siblings. Then it's time to discover the world! Cat toys, climbing places, the bed of the cat owners and so much more are great fun for the great cat. It's just so much fun looking at his pictures - really great, this coonie!

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