Cute cat and a bulldog: "Let's cuddle up!"

Such a great friendship: The gray cat in this video cannot get enough of her boyfriend, a bulldog, and tries to shake her buddy awake with gentle touches. Does the dog react to the wake-up call?

The sweet kitty cuddles tenderly on the head of the sleeping bulldog and strokes it. "Wake up! Let's play," the Fratz seems to want to tell his buddy. But the dog does not allow himself to be put off and continues to sleep. The kitten persists and begins to scratch his playmate's ear with his paw.

"A little massage just for you, my friend!" But touching does not lead to success: the bulldog snores on calmly. "What the heck," the kitty thinks, and finally lies down next to her big buddy. "Then I'll just snuggle up to you!" How sweet!

Dog and cat are friends for life