With a dog on the dog meadow: You should follow these 5 rules

A day on the dog meadow promises great fun for your four-legged friend. Romping around with other dogs, playing with masters and mistresses or simply lying in the grass and sunbathing - dog walks are heaven for your companion. So that everything goes harmoniously, you should follow a few rules. Just like these two rascals, four-legged friends can really work out on dog walks - Shutterstock / Ksenia Raykova

If your pet is an aggressive dog and is looking for a quick argument with other people, consider whether a visit to a dog meadow makes sense. Even bitches in heat are not welcome on a playground because the urine of bitches in heat is very irritating to males. Basically you should inform yourself in advance about the rules on the respective dog meadow. These can usually be viewed online or are posted on information signs on site.

1. Get the dog used to the dog meadow

If you come to a dog meadow with your dog, you should leash it sooner or later (dog leashes do not require a leash) so that he can move freely and exuberantly. Nevertheless, a little getting used to it makes sense. So you can first lead your dog a little on the leash so that he can take a close look at everything - this is particularly recommended for anxious dogs.

2. Always keep an eye on the dog

Even if your dog is very dear - other four-legged friends may not be. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on your dog and make sure that nothing gets out of hand when playing with fellow species. Even your favorite dog can get cocky while romping - then you should intervene as the owner. You can find tips on whether and how you should intervene in the guide "Intervene in dogfights: yes or no?".

3. Remove dog droppings

Dog droppings must be removed as quickly as possible on dog meadows. There are usually manure bags on the premises - for safety, but you should always take your own with you. Trash bins are available on every playground.

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4. Close the holes again

So that a dog meadow does not become a trip hazard for four- and two-legged friends and the even green area is maintained, you should always close holes that your dog has dug.

5. Only raise your own dog

Each dog owner is responsible for his own dog on a dog meadow. With regard to good dog training, one owner does not necessarily have the same views and methods as the other owner, so you should leave the training of foreign dogs to the respective owner and owner.