First aid kit for dogs: These utensils belong in there

Are you taking your dog on vacation? Then you should put together your own first-aid kit and one for your four-legged friend. So you are well prepared for smaller emergencies. But what belongs in the first aid bag? The holiday can start with a first aid kit for your dog - Image: Shutterstock / dezi

Especially if you want to spend your vacation with your dog far away from the hustle and bustle of the city - and thus also from pharmacies and doctors - it is advisable to have a travel pharmacy with you for your fur nose. After all, your darling should be well looked after even in the most beautiful time of the year.

What belongs in the travel pharmacy for the dog?

The basics that a first aid kit should contain include, of course, bandaging materials that can be used to treat injuries. Wound compresses are as much a part of it as gauze bandages and the appropriate bandage scissors. It is best to add self-adhesive bandages - these adhere much better and prevent the bandage from slipping off the fur.

You should always have a pair of tick pliers with you when you are on holiday, with which you can quickly remove the small parasites. In order to pull thorns or splinters from your dog's paws, tweezers should not be missing in the travel pharmacy for your darling.

It is also recommended to take special dog shoes with you. In the case of foot and claw injuries, these ensure that no dirt can get into the wound. Waterproof materials prevent bandages from getting wet in the rain or at sea.

What else you should think about

In addition to the standard repertoire, medication that your dog must take regularly also belongs in the first-aid kit. Make sure to pack them in sufficient quantities. Because it may not be easy to find the medicine you need at your holiday destination.

If your dog is prone to allergic reactions to insect bites or has sensitive skin that burns quickly in the sun, you should pack appropriate ointments or sprays. It is best to get advice from your veterinarian before you go on vacation.