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How to groom a Saint Bernard

The attitude of a Saint Bernard is generally fairly straightforward. If you want to properly groom this large dog, there are only a few basic things to keep in mind. The Saint Bernard generally feels very comfortable with children - Image: Shutterstock / ItCameWithTheFrame

The Saint Bernard has been used as a rescue dog because of its properties since the 17th century. Keeping and grooming this large four-legged friend as a family dog ​​is also possible without any problems. Living with children and other dogs is usually very uncomplicated for him. However, the Swiss already has a number of requirements - especially the size of his home.

Keeping tips: Space is important

One thing should be clear: the Saint Bernard needs space. Although the large dog does not have such a strong urge to move considering its body mass, development opportunities are still important. A posture in a small apartment in the city is absolutely not the right thing for the four-legged friend. He likes a large garden more - a courtyard is even better. In order to be able to do justice to its pronounced protective instinct, this is also very helpful. If you follow the right upbringing tips and care for them appropriately, the Saint Bernard should find his way in a little less space - but he feels more comfortable in a more spacious home.

Saint Bernard: Gentle giant from Switzerland

Caring for St. Bernard: You have to pay attention to that

Grooming should not be neglected with this beautiful animal either. There are St. Bernard with both short and long hair. Especially the long-haired representatives have to be brushed regularly. Eye care also plays an important role in keeping this dog comfortable and healthy. It is also best to find out from the veterinarian which food is best for large dogs like this.