Does dog health insurance make sense?

Health insurance for people is of course not only sensible, but also necessary. But what about insurance for the dog? Where such has long been normal in the USA, England or Sweden, it is still relatively unknown in Germany. Here you will find some useful information about dog health insurance. Taking out dog health insurance: sensible or not? - Image: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Dog health insurance covers costs

Of course, your beloved four-legged friend also gets sick and needs treatment. Medical bills, operations and medication cost money and can be really expensive. Particularly complex operations that take a long time can be so financially significant that the existence of the dog owner is threatened. Dog health insurance is available to cover such costs. What sounds sensible at first is also - provided the type of insurance is right.

It depends on the performance

The insurance protection should definitely include certain benefits: Insurance should never restrict the free choice of veterinarian, should allow freedom of therapy, finance preventive measures (vaccinations, parasite treatments, dental prophylaxis) and generally show a transparent list of benefits.

If these criteria are met, dog health insurance is worthwhile not only for your wallet, but also for your animal companion, who ultimately matters most.

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Veterinarians find dog insurance useful

The Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians (bpt) considers the concept of dog health insurance to be sensible. After all, many veterinarians have to deal with unpaid bills - insurance significantly increases the chances of being paid.

In addition to this economic aspect, the veterinarians also say yes to animal insurance because this enables the animals to receive treatment that is safe if the owners cannot financially manage it.