Why cats always find their way home

Cats are really amazing animals: many owners know stories to tell, in which their house tigers have traveled kilometers to find their way back home. But how do our room tigers actually do that? A cat's keen senses help her find her way home - Image: Shutterstock / Christian Mueller

One thing is clear: our cats have a great sense of direction and know how to use it. Even stories of cats who got lost on vacation and found their way home from a foreign city are circulating in the world of cat owners. A combination of eyes and ears mainly serves them as orientation.

This is how cats find their way home

Cats hear much better than their humans and can also find their way better in the dark. When you go on tour, much of your orientation is based on the familiar sounds that you can associate with the memories of your surroundings.

To refine the orientation, the volume of the respective noises around them helps you, with which you can even estimate the distance from one place to another.

Still important: Take good care of the pets

A cat's good sense of direction is of course no guarantee that it will always find its way home. Not only the distance of the route plays a role, but also how strongly the animal has been imprinted on its home and how well it knows how to trust its senses. Therefore, you should of course always take good care of your beloved pet - after all, covering long distances can also be dangerous for cats, for example if they have to cross large streets.

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In addition, a cat's sense of orientation only works if the velvet paw really knows their home well and also sees it as such: Wait if you move the cat, for example, at least six to eight weeks before letting your pet out. If you are going on vacation with your cat, you should also keep her entirely inside for her own good: otherwise she could try to run home!